Frequently Asked Questions

Does FLA charge tuition?

FLA does not charge tuition.

Is it a co-ed school?


Why is this different from other public schools?

FLA is a true trauma-informed education center. While traditional school settings work for most students, it does not work for students who’ve endured various forms of trauma including abuse and neglect, homelessness, substance abuse, and losing a parent. Trauma transforms a child physically, mentally and emotionally, making blanket education difficult to succeed in. At FLA, each student receives an individually crafted education plan that works for them. Students have on-site support of teachers, case workers, and therapists.

What about COVID-19? Is the school still going to be opening?

Yes, FLA will open regardless. We have plans for whatever that entails, whether that be virtual learning, in-person instruction, or a hybrid approach.

Where is the school located?

Just two blocks east of Livonia and less than a mile from Detroit, FLA is located at the heart of Methodist Children’s Home Society’s main campus in Redford. 26645 W. Six Mile Road, Redford, MI 48240

Are uniforms required?

No. FLA will be able to assist households who may need additional support with school appropriate clothing.

Will there be clubs and sports?

Yes, FLA will provide ample opportunity for students to participate and actively engage in after-school activities, clubs and sports.

What will the class sizes be like?

Our class sizes will range between 15 and 17 students per class.

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