What Is A Community-Based School?

At Fostering Leadership Academy, we go beyond the surface. We believe students need to be heard and understood. We don’t think, “What’s wrong with him/her?” We think, “What happened to him/her?” We know behavior is a reflection of struggles; it’s not a sign for punishment. It’s a sign that we need to understand and listen more.

This also means we offer students choices which helps them gain confidence, freedom and helps them take ownership of their actions.

We create safety, both physical and emotional. Our classrooms are designed with calming aesthetics, abundant natural light and furniture designed for alternative styles of learning. On the emotional end, we aren’t afraid to discuss feelings. We share often and share proudly, not shying away from difficult conversations. We hold space for each student to be his or her true self.

At FLA, we know that a child’s education must be as unique as their thumbprint. That is the promise we deliver on.

Fewer students in each class

Individual and group therapy as part of the daily schedule

On-site support services from social workers and clinical therapists in each classroom

Consistent family/guardian engagement and participation

Restorative justice practices

Flexible framework

No suspensions